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June 18- Mike Lansing's Quickest Cycle in MLB History

2000- On this day in Sports History, Mike Lansing of the Colorado Rockies completed the cycle by the end of the fourth inning. The Rockies had an impressive 19-2 victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks, but it was even more impressive with what Lansing accomplished. A player hits for the cycle if he gets a single, double, triple, and home run in a baseball game. Mike Lansing got one of these hits in each of the first four innings. He began the cycle by hitting a triple in the first inning that scored a run to make the game 1-0. In the second inning, Lansing hit a home run that scored two runs. He hit his double in the third inning that scored two more runs. He completed the cycle in the fourth inning after hitting a single. It is believed to be the quickest cycle in MLB history. As a team, the Rockies scored 17 runs in the first four innings. This allowed Lansing to be able to get to have four plate appearances in four innings.

Mike Lansing had one more at bat which he struck out in the sixth inning. He was supposed to come up again in the eighth inning but was pinched hit for. He finished the game 4-for-5 with 3 runs and 5 RBI’s.The Rockies ended up beating the Diamondbacks 19-2. This came after the Rockies beat them 14-5 the previous day. Mike Lansing had a single, double, and a home run in this game on June 17th. He was just a triple short of having a cycle two games in a row. Lansing rose his batting average from .267 to .285 between the two games. He did this against the Diamondbacks, who were a good team too as they entered the series in first place of the National League West division. Although, after these two games they became tied with the Rockies for the lead. Unfortunately, the Rockies had an 11 game losing streak in July and finished the season 82-80 for fourth place in the N.L. West.

Mike Lansing was an infielder out of Wichita State University. He played 9 seasons in the MLB for three different teams. He actually has two unique MLB records. In addition to having the quickest cycle in MLB history on this day in 2000, he also shares the record for most home runs in an inning. He hit two home runs in the sixth inning on May 7, 1998 for the Montreal Expos as they beat the San Francisco Giants 19-3.

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