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June 16- A Hole-in-One was hit 4 times in the 1989 US Open

1989- On this day in Sports History, the 1989 U.S Open had four holes-in-one! According to the PGA, there have only been 45 holes-in-one in U.S Open history. Four of them came in the same round on this day in 1989 at the sixth hole on the Oaks Hill East Course in Rochester, New York. Doug Weaver, Mark Wiebe, Jerry Pate, and Nick Price each used a 7-iron to ace the par 3, 160 yard hole. Each golfer hit the ball past the pin and it spun back into the hole. They were all made in less than two hours as the first hole-in-one was made at 8:15 A.M. and the fourth one was made at 10:05 A.M.

Doug Weaver was the first golfer to make the hole-in-one at 8:15. An hour later, Mark Wiebe made his ace. Jerry Pate made his ace two groups later at 9:50. The very next group, Nick Price made his hole-in-one at 10:05 A.M. The four hole-in-one’s would go down in golf history. It wasn’t an easy hole for everybody though. The same day, Bernhard Langer had a double bogey and Jack Nicklaus had a bogey on that same hole.

It was an amazing feat that all four golfers hit the hole in one on the same day, in the same round, on the same hole, using the same club, and all within two hours of each other. Before this day, there were only 20 hole-in-ones in the U.S. Open history, with the first one coming in 1907. The closest scenario that can be compared to it is in 1982, at Pebble Beach, and 2002, at Bethpage State Park (Black Course). There were three hole-in-ones each year, however, each one was on a different hole and they came in two different rounds. To date, there have only been 45 total hole-in-ones in U.S. Open History. From 2010-2019, there have only been five total hole-in-ones. These stats show just how special the sixth hole was on this day in 1989.

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