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July 27- The 2012 Olympic Games in London Open

2012- On this day in Sports History, the 30th Olympic Games began with the Opening Ceremony in London. The 2012 Olympic Games began on July 27th and closed on August 12th. The Opening Ceremony was held at London’s Olympic Stadium and was officially declared opened by Queen Elizabeth ll. Over the course of the 17 days, millions of people around the world cheered on their country's athletes as they would try to win an Olympic Medal.

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The 2012 Olympic Games saw some great moments that would be long remembered in Olympics history. Usain Bolt of Jamaica proved he was the fastest man in the world with his gold medal in the 100m, 200m, and 4x100m. Mo Farah of Great Britain won the 5000M and 10000M in his home country. USA Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams would dominate to win Gold. The USA would also win the women’s soccer gold medal while Mexico won the men’s gold medal. Michael Phelps won 4 golds and 2 silvers while Missy Franklin won 4 golds and 1 bronze for the USA in swimming. The USA women’s gymnastics team won the gold medal in the team competition and Gabby Douglas won the gold medal for the individual all-around competition.

The United States earned the most medals throughout the Olympics with 104, including 46 gold medals. China had the second most medals with 88, including 38 gold medals. They were followed with Russia, Great Britain, and Germany who had 82, 65, 44, respectively. There were 204 countries from around the world who were represented in the Games and 85 countries earned at least one medal. Here is a list of each country who earned their first ever Olympic Medal in the 2012 Olympics:

Grenada- Gold- Kirani James- Men’s 400m

Botswana- Silver- Nijel Amos- Men’s 800m

Cyprus- Silver- Pavlos Kontides- Men’s Laser Sailing

Guatemala- Silver- Erick Barrondo- Men’s 20 Kilometer Racewalk

Montenegro- Silver- Women’s Handball

Gabon- Silver- Anthony Obame- Men’s Taekwondo 80kg

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