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July 20- Hank Aaron hits his Final Home Run of his Record Career

1976- On this day in Sports History, Hank Aaron hit his 755th and final home run of his Major League Baseball career. Hank Aaron broke the record for the most career home runs with his 715th home run and would go on to extend his record to 755. The 755th home run was the most home runs that any MLB player would ever hit until Barry Bonds broke his record almost 30 years later.

In 1976, Hank Aaron of the Milwaukee Brewers was 42 years old and in his 23rd season in the MLB. He was the current career home run record holder and was playing in what would be his final season playing baseball. On July 20, 1976, the Milwaukee Brewers were hosting the California Angels in front of just over 10,000 fans. In the seventh inning, George Scott and Hank Aaron hit back-to-back solo home runs to extend the Brewers lead over the Angels to 4-2. For Hank Aaron, it would be his tenth home run of the season and his final home run of his career. It brought his career home runs record to 755. The Brewers would go on to win the game 6-2.

Hank Aaron was an African-American from Mobile, Alabama who played 23 seasons in the MLB. 21 of them were with the Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves organization while the final two were with the Milwaukee Brewers. Aaron entered the Major Leagues in 1954 at 20 years old. Following his rookie year, Hank Aaron would be named an All-Star every year from 1955-1975. His 21 All-Star seasons are the most in MLB history. He would also hit 30 home runs in a season 15 times, earn three Gold Gloves, and be named NL MVP in 1957. He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1982.

What Hank Aaron is most known for in his career is his home run record. On April 8, 1974, Aaron hit his 715th home run to break the record for most career home runs in MLB history. Babe Ruth held the record for almost 40 years with 714 career home runs. Hank Aaron would go on to extend the record to 755 before retiring.

Hank Aaron’s record would last almost 30 years before Barry Bonds broke the record on August 7th, 2007 when he hit his 756th career home run. Barry Bonds would go on to reach 762 home runs which is where the record stands today. Coincidentally, Barry Bond’s father Bobby Bonds played right field and hit third in the lineup for the California Angels against the Milwaukee Brewers on this day in 1976 where Hank Aaron hit his final home run of his career.

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